7 Math Tips to Boost Your Child’s Success


Math is a fundamental facet of our everyday lives. We use math in so many ways, including cooking, grocery shopping, and budgeting money. Utilizing math is an essential life skill for all people. As parents, it's essential that we help our children succeed in math because these skills will benefit them throughout their lives. However, not all kids excel in math as easily as others. Many children struggle with math, and some even suffer from “math anxiety”. If you have a child who struggles with math, you're not alone. The good news is there are several ways you can support your [...]

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4 Benefits of Playdough Activities in Child Development


It’s a fact — most children love playdough. But did you know that what used to be a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s became an educational toy in the 1950s? Playdough is excellent for children of all ages because it’s not only reusable and non-toxic, it’s also fun to play around with during playtime. However, parents have a love-hate relationship with playdough because it can be pretty messy and it can dry out if not sealed. But when it comes to children’s development, the boons of playdough far outweigh the banes. In this post, we will look at the benefits of [...]

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6 Tips to Handle Toddler Separation Anxiety


When you drop your toddler off at daycare, does your little one cry and scream in frustration every day? If so, it's likely that your little one has toddler separation anxiety. According to Fran Walfish, Psy.D., children declare their independence when they start walking. But that doesn’t mean they're ready to separate from you completely yet.   When you aren't in your toddler's presence, it’s common for your child to feel a sudden urgency to be with you. That's because children at this age-long for the security and familiarity they get from their parents. Tips for dealing with toddler separation anxiety Your [...]

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5 Ways to Prevent Screen Time Addiction in Kids


In today's world, we are increasingly saturated by technology. We've all seen families with their heads down, staring at screens while eating dinner, and kids with their eyes glued to a screen while walking home from school. Technology is amazing, and while it offers so many benefits, there are also some drawbacks that parents need to be aware of. Screen time addiction is a serious issue in the digital age. It impacts children's health and development, and even decreases their quality of life. The problem with screen time addiction is that it can start early. Many kids are drawing on tablets [...]

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How to Make Reading a Habit


Did you know you can impart a love for reading to your children, even if they aren’t old enough to read yet? In this post, we will discuss how to make reading a habit for children starting from a very young age. But before we get to our tips, let's look at why cultivating a love for reading is so beneficial for children. The importance of making reading an enjoyable habit Reading is one of the most essential basic skills that children need to master in order to achieve success. Aside from the academic benefits of reading, it also takes their [...]

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5 Parenting Tips for Improving Toddler Behavior


Parenting toddlers is no easy feat. Toddlers are sometimes infamous for having meltdowns and exhibiting an array of challenging behaviors, none of which happen without reason. Most of these types of behaviors stem from the fact that they often experience frustration and are unable to effectively articulate their feelings and needs. They want to practice independence and freedom but can run into hurdles along the way. Here, we will discuss some parenting tips for toddlers that you may find handy.  Dealing with problematic toddler behaviors can be pretty challenging and nerve-wracking for parents. The good news is that there are plenty [...]

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How to Encourage Creative Play in Toddlers and Preschoolers


Play is a vital component of every child's cognitive and social-emotional development. In addition to having fun, play also helps children develop the skills needed to express themselves. When little ones engage in creative play, they are provided with opportunities to learn independence and enrich their developing life skills in self-control, decision-making, and other important areas. As parents, it is our responsibility to encourage our children to engage in activities that help them become well-rounded and prepare them for life’s future experiences and challenges. In this post, we will discuss different strategies to encourage creative play with your little one. Limit [...]

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6 Tips to Boost Your Child’s School Readiness


The age at which children start school varies, and some children are more prepared for this transition than others. To get our kids off to the best start possible, we do our best as parents to help make their transition smooth as we prepare them for the new journey that awaits. So how can you help your child be ready for school and ensure that they will be off to a great start? School readiness is about equipping our children with essential fundamental skills that will help them transition to school successfully. You can help your child prepare as they embark [...]

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7 Activities that Can Nurture Your Parent-Child Relationship


Parenting is a tough job. No matter what our parenting styles and methods are, we all share a common goal: to raise healthy and happy kids. This is why a healthy parent-child relationship is so important. The kind of relationship you have with your child plays a vital role in developing their character and personality and setting overall future success.  Learn how you can nurture a positive relationship with your child using these tips:  Read a story together Reading is one of the best ways that parents can spend time with their kids. Not only is reading beneficial to your child, [...]

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5 Wonderful Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories to Kids


Reading bedtime stories may be the perfect opportunity to offer some precious time and attention to your child, but did you know that this simple reading activity brings more benefits than simply preparing them to sleep? From their brain development to language skills and vocabulary, reading bedtime stories is an excellent approach to enhance your child’s learning abilities. Delight your child with a good bedtime story or two regularly, and see these benefits unfold before too long. Here are five wonderful benefits of reading bedtime stories to your kids.  Contributes to your child's brain development Studies over the years have shown [...]

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