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What Are Some Good Manners to Teach Children?


You’ve had a long, exciting day. You and your child are taking the train home from the natural history museum. You are sitting beside him, and you're both exhausted. An elderly woman gets onto the train, but there is no seat left for her. You hurriedly arise and offer her your seat. Your son just witnessed you bestowing an act of kindness and respect upon a fellow human being. This was a lesson in decorum - in good manners. We aren’t born possessing them. Good manners are learned. We often forget, when we are tired, ill or in a hurry, even [...]

What Are Some Good Manners to Teach Children?2019-10-23T18:29:24+00:00

Early Childhood University Proudly Offers Lifecubby – Learn More!


Early Childhood University proudly offers Lifecubby - a communication tool that allows teachers to share daily activities and reports about each child’s day. Every classroom at Early Childhood University is equipped with iPads that are specifically used for the Lifecubby program. Throughout each day, teachers record special moments, notate important developmental milestones, capture photos of children in action, and build individual child portfolios. All of this information is then shared by email with the parents of each child. Through this powerful daily connection, the Lifecubby program facilitates ongoing and meaningful communication between teachers and parents so that families are true [...]

Early Childhood University Proudly Offers Lifecubby – Learn More!2019-08-23T11:39:08+00:00
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