In our desire to get all child-related issues addressed, we use an approach that includes empathy, humility and transparency. With your help, we can partner towards achieving solutions that will be mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

Help support our value for “partnership” by following this feedback process.

  • Speak with the teacher at the soonest time possible to properly address an issue.
  • Contact us using our website to share a short description of the issue, regardless if the problem was resolved using the first step mentioned above or not.
  • An official communication from the school Director regarding a resolution discussion.
  • If the issue was not resolved in a timely manner, please feel free to escalate.
  • Participate in the brief survey that will be sent to you, via email or USPS, to help enhance the services we deliver.

If all else fails, these are the steps that to take to ensure issues are rectified.

  • We will make it a point to identify how and where we fell short.
  • We will reach out to the parent(s), member or child involved.
  • We always take responsibility for our mistakes or shortcomings.
  • We will create an action plan.
  • We will communicate and follow these steps to resolving issues and implementing solutions As Soon As Possible.

Following these steps will help us improve the services we provide to your children and family.  We work hard to ensure that our school remains the best place for your child’s development and growth.