7 Practical Life Skills Every Child Needs To Succeed


Let’s face it. We live in an age of convenience. In many ways, this is a good thing. After all, if you’ve ever found yourself confused trying to read a road map (and who hasn’t?), you’ll know what a blessing a GPS device can be. At the same time, certain things in life may be sacrificed for the sake of convenience. Chiefly, life skills. And life skills change with each generation. Chances are, your grandparents didn’t share the same frustration reading a road map as you do. But they also probably wouldn’t rely on a GPS system as skillfully as you [...]

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How to Help your Child make Friends in School


Our first childhood friend is someone that we never forget - that friend that we’re so excited to see and have fun with as soon as we get to school; the one that we’re looking forward to having adventures with and invite for playdates at home.  Friends play an important role in the lives of children. Friendships are vital to their social well-being as well as their overall growth and development. Being able to establish friendships at a young age gives young kids a chance to develop their own identity and it also boosts their self-esteem and confidence. As a parent, [...]

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5 Ways on How to Stop Kids from Fighting


Parenting is really hard and it can get frustrating when your kids are constantly fighting. It can make you feel as though you have failed as  a parent. While sibling fights are pretty normal, it can sometimes get out of hand. When it does, they need help to settle their differences before someone gets hurt. We have gathered a few ideas on how to help stop kids from fighting. Let the kids work it out  As adults or kids, people will always disagree . We like and want different things, so being on the same page is not always possible. This [...]

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How to Raise a Happy Child in Michigan?


Parents always want what’s best for their kids. We all want them to be successful and achieve their goals without having to go through struggles we faced. Kids have different needs and while some have a tendency to be happy, others are just not as motivated. Giving your kids healthy and happy childhood experiences can set them up for success in the future. However, the question of how to raise a happy child is still a challenge for a few parents.  Raising happy and motivated children is not just about giving immediate gratification or momentary pleasure. It takes a lot of [...]

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6 Ideas for Managing Screen Time among Your Kids


Let’s admit it. Using mobile devices and screens to keep our kids occupied comes in handy when we need to get through an extremely tight schedule. We let them stay glued to the TV screens so we can finish with meal prep in the kitchen. We let them get engrossed with online games so we can tackle household chores undisturbed. However, there’s also such a thing as too much screen time, and when it’s excessive, it can be detrimental to a child’s development. If you can relate to these scenarios, it’s time to take control. Read on for some ideas about [...]

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What Are Some Good Manners to Teach Children?


You’ve had a long, exciting day. You and your child are taking the train home from the natural history museum. You are sitting beside him, and you're both exhausted. An elderly woman gets onto the train, but there is no seat left for her. You hurriedly arise and offer her your seat. Your son just witnessed you bestowing an act of kindness and respect upon a fellow human being. This was a lesson in decorum - in good manners. We aren’t born possessing them. Good manners are learned. We often forget, when we are tired, ill or in a hurry, even [...]

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How to Manage Your Child’s Temper Tantrums?


We've all been there. Your child's tantrum is in full-force and you want to escape the situation. But there's a way to tame temper tantrums so that they happen less often, and you may even be able to help prevent them. CALM YOURSELF, CALM THEM When your child starts to get out of control, it's important to remain calm. This is easier said than done, as our emotions often get the best of us. If you feel yourself heating up, try taking a few deep breaths, counting to 10, or taking a drink of water. No matter what, by keeping your [...]

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