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How to Tell if your Child is Ready to Start Kindergarten


Kindergarten is a huge milestone for both children and parents. It’s important to make sure our little ones are prepared for this big step, not only academically but also emotionally and socially. Kindergarten readiness goes beyond being familiar with the fundamentals of the alphabet and math. It also means  whether children are equipped with the necessary social, emotional, and behavioral skills needed to help them thrive in a classroom setting. So how can you tell if children are ready to start kindergarten? Here's a list of signs to look for. They can follow simple instructions One of the most important things [...]

How to Tell if your Child is Ready to Start Kindergarten2022-03-01T17:12:41+00:00

7 Tips to Help You Raise Independent Kids


If you're like most parents, we often feel like our kids are growing up too fast, and that's perfectly normal. And while we want our  little ones to stay babies forever sometimes, growing up is inevitable. As a parent, the best thing we can do is raise children and equip them with the skills they need in order to become independent and capable adults. Instilling independence in children from an early age can help them become confident and more self-sufficient, and have a positive head start on the road to success. Teach responsibility An essential component of developing independence is learning [...]

7 Tips to Help You Raise Independent Kids2022-02-14T17:53:08+00:00
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