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4 Benefits of Playdough Activities in Child Development


It’s a fact — most children love playdough. But did you know that what used to be a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s became an educational toy in the 1950s? Playdough is excellent for children of all ages because it’s not only reusable and non-toxic, it’s also fun to play around with during playtime. However, parents have a love-hate relationship with playdough because it can be pretty messy and it can dry out if not sealed. But when it comes to children’s development, the boons of playdough far outweigh the banes. In this post, we will look at the benefits of [...]

4 Benefits of Playdough Activities in Child Development2021-10-21T13:45:44+00:00

6 Tips to Handle Toddler Separation Anxiety


When you drop your toddler off at daycare, does your little one cry and scream in frustration every day? If so, it's likely that your little one has toddler separation anxiety. According to Fran Walfish, Psy.D., children declare their independence when they start walking. But that doesn’t mean they're ready to separate from you completely yet.   When you aren't in your toddler's presence, it’s common for your child to feel a sudden urgency to be with you. That's because children at this age-long for the security and familiarity they get from their parents. Tips for dealing with toddler separation anxiety Your [...]

6 Tips to Handle Toddler Separation Anxiety2021-09-26T13:15:11+00:00
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